Attorneys, 8 Steps to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Presence – Part 4 of 7

Law Firm Website Visibility (Websites, SEO & Social Media):

Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of and co-hosted this recent webinar for LexisNexis with Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute.

8 steps to jumpstart your LinkedIn presence:
1) Create a comprehensive profile.
2) Start by connecting with people you know.
3) Recommend others first… then ask to be recommended.
4) Join groups for attorneys, referral sources & prospects.
5) Start a group for your target market.
6) Answer questions.
7) Update your status at least 3x per week.
8) List all your events on LinkedIn.

Connect with Stephen Fairley & Larry Bodine on LinkedIn:

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Watch the entire webinar for several specific “how to” examples that will push your LinkedIn profile to new heights!

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