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One of the first things you must do, in terms of upgrading your WordPress security is by Keeping Your Software Updated and that includes the WordPress platform.

Let’s go ahead and do an update. With the automatic feature, if:

– You click on Please Update Now
– You click on Update Now
– In about a minute, if all is successful, you’ll see Welcome to WordPress and then the latest version.

So, as you can see here, by updating the version, we have addressed some security issues and bugs.

Now, I want you to be realistic here. Some of you will update it and it will be perfect. You won’t have any problems or anything like that. But then, of course some of you will update it using the update feature and you’ll run into a problem. Sometimes the problem will say “Failure to update” and what it’ll do is whenever somebody visits your blog, they will actually see that error message.

If they see that error message, then one thing you can do is simply:

– Go to your FTP program
– Log into your site
– Find the folder that contains your WordPress files
– You need to find a file called .maintenance
– Find the file and delete it and what it will do is it will remove that “Failure to update” error message
– If you get that, then you’re going to have to do a manual WordPress update.

To be honest, the majority of you, it’s probably better if you hire somebody to do it for you.

Keep in mind that WordPress comes out with updates frequently.

Usually, a major update every year (more than that in 2014 already) and it really, to be honest, I’d rather get somebody else to do it on a frequent basis and just pay them. That way, you can focus on your business and focus on what you need to do.

After you upgrade the platform itself, you will want to:

– Go to Appearance and Themes
– If there’s an update, you’ll actually see a message that says “Update is Available”
– Keep in mind though, whenever you do a theme update and you’ve already edited the theme, the problem is it can actually revert your theme settings back to the original.

So, all the customization stuff that you did will actually be lost.

Its’ better to talk to the theme editor to see how you can do that without losing all of your customizations.

Ideally, you would want to create a child theme to accomplish saving all of your hard work.

Some will tell you all you have to do is replace certain files and things like that. But I will definitely avoid using the automatic updates simply because of that problem and most people don’t realize that.
– Under Plug Ins, if you go to Install Plugins
– When there’s an update, you’re gonna see a message like this right underneath the plugin that says “update now”, “view version details” and I would use the same approach with the approach with the theme editor.

Another thing, if you get somebody else to do it for you, again, make sure you backup your WordPress database and your site before you do that. Plus, get them to do that as well and what I would do under Users, is:

– I will go to All Users
– I will edit the username and change the password because you don’t really want them to know your password
– After they’ve updated the WordPress site manually, you can go back here and click Edit
Go down here and change the password to something else.

That way, you don’t have anybody who knows your password. If they get mad at you in the future, they’re not gonna do anything stupid to your blog like delete it or mess it up. That way, you keep your self safe and your WordPress safe and updated. And there you go!


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