How to Use Google Forms to Collect Data

Learn to use Google Forms to collect data from specific people by sharing the link on email or on social media. It is a 3 step process that starts with creation of form and then next step is to distribute it to the audience and third step is to collect the data.

All the three steps to use Google form have been explained in this tutorial.

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common use of various question types in Google forms is given below –

Text — Respondents provide short answers
Paragraph text — Use this for long answers
Multiple choice — Respondents select one option from among several
Checkboxes — select as many options from checkboxes.
Choose from a list — respondents select one option from a dropdown menu
Scale — rank something along a scale of numbers (e.g., from 1 to 5)
Grid — respondents select a point from a two-dimensional grid
Date — People filling the form can use a calendar picker to enter a date
Time — respondents select a time (either a time of day or a duration of time)

You can plan events, make a survey, give quiz to students or simply collect any data on Google Forms. It can save you from lot of physical effort as the collected data automatically gets saved in the linked spreadsheet.You can insert an image or video on Google forms and also set a customize theme for your form.

Google forms is a gem in the Google docs, that’s free to use and has a powerful tools like regular expressions that help to validate the data.Currently, only Text, Paragraph text, Check boxes, and Grid questions have support for validation.

This video tutorial also covers certain Frequently asked questions given below-

Can I capture respondents email address automatically?
Can I receive notification on email every time a form is submitted?
Can i send a personal thank you message to the respondents?
Can i use Capcha on Google Form?

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