New York SEO Tip # 253: Top 3 Social Media Sites for your Business Marketing

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Social Media websites have been booming for the previous years, making interactions between people easier regardless of their locations and time zones. These are also great platforms to increase a website’s link juices and traffic because of the huge number of users. Because of that, businesses have understood its importance in improving their brands. There are a lot of social media sites people visit these days but not all of them are ideal enough for business purposes. If you are new to the ecommerce world, then finding the right platform to market your products and/or services must not be missed. Here’s a guide as to where you can improve your brand and increase your number of potential clients that can bring you high revenue:


Created by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is certainly on the top of the list. Why? Because according to Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 94% of the business owners use it for their marketing strategies.

Facebook has a huge pack of offered benefits. You can create a “page” for your business where potential clients can “like” so as to be updated of your latest offered products and/or services. By having a Page, you can constantly update them about the latest happenings on your business. Facebook also allows users to post an advertisement within their platform so as to reach potential clients who have the same interest. By posting an ad, your limit is widened because not just your “likers” may be able to see what you have on your business but also those who are out of your reach.


# and @ signs – it’s what Twitter has started before other social media websites use it. An @ sign is placed prior to a user’s ID and a # sign is used to indicate a particular topic or word. A huge percentage of Twitter users are celebrities. You can always follow your favorite actor or actress and see the latest updates about their lives. Through hashtags, finding something important to you is also easier because it categorizes each item.

According to the previous report presented by Social Media Examiner, about 83% use it – a huge percentage that must never be missed.


Professional background shared with other people. However, the features it has still need to be improved to increase the benefits it can impose to its users. Interaction happens once a person looks for a professional who can deliver quality work efficiently. About 71% of respondents on the previous survey conducted by Social Media Examiner use it both on business and personal purposes.

Being present on social media websites can really be beneficial for your business, therefore, it must not be taken for granted. The type of platform you will choose should greatly help your business in marketing your products and/or services.


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