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Patric Thomas here our firms internet marketing and search engine optimisation has led you here to this video, there could be many reasons why you’ve visited us, it could be that you know your website just needs have better rankings on Google, or that you need to brining in more revenue, or your looking to attract a better client
whatever the reason, were going to show you how we’ve been able to change many many professional businesses online with your five step process that has made us one revenue generating experts online. find out what we can do for your business right after this but first of all
Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisation for your company website, is one of the smartest things you can do and is proven to be the number 1 way that business professionals like you generate leads online
but it can also be one of the most difficult in finding the right company to hire,
Having your website ranked highly is 50% of the problem solved, but the real magic comes in the second half. more traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue if you missing the most important part.
for a lot of SEO agencies, this missing part is website conversion, in other words what happens to a prospect when he comes to your website, what do they do, what pathway have you laid out for them to take them down profitably.
Over the last few years our firm has been very successful in putting together a carefully tailored five-step process that we apply and make sure your business not only attracts clients to your website but also channels them into a profitable sequence for your business to grow your client base profitably.
We never been just an SEO firm, but more of a search marketing consultant. We’d like to give you a short list of things to look out for before you decide to hire anyone to do Search Engine Optimisation for your website. Remember SEO is worthless unless producing revenue and getting you a return on your investment.
So here it is, The SEO buyers Guide , 5 things you need to know about SEO experts before you decide to hire one….
ONE on the list is BLANKET PRICED AND LOW PRICED SEO…these are SEO experts offering you package prices at 399, & 499 a month, these people do not understand business very well and this type of SEO will not generate you a good ROI. You see there are no two businesses alike for example a local professional practice operating in a specific city will have very different financial goals to a business targeting a broader national market. A local business will never be charged as much as a business going after a national market.
Think about it, there’s no way a business is going to significantly grow their revenue buy paying 125 $ /£/€ a week, that less than what a part-time employee would make working at McDonalds.
TWO on to number 2. Is your SEO expert talking a little too much about rankings and traffic, as I pointed out earlier, traffic and rankings are great but revenue is better, without a clear pathway as to how your seo is going to generate you revenue, its probably unlikely to ever happen. Your SEO has to be converting cold leads into clients profitably. if you don’t know where your clients are going when they visit your website, the odds are there not ending up anywhere other than leaving for you competitor to take them instead.
THREE – Just because someone works around computers, does mean that they know how to deliver you effective SEO, too many firms end up getting part-time SEO from their web designer thinking well its probably easier to get him to them to do it, remember web designers are architects, and while good design is an absolute necessity, you wouldn’t get an architect to build and engineer your house, like any good structure it requires both architecture for design it also requires good engineering to make sure its correctly optimised for the search engines and revenue. I talk to many CEO’s and when we outline a structure to turn around a website, they will always want to take it back to their website or IT, and for obvious reasons their not going to want to risk their jobs, if you request your web designer to do SEO, they will do it for you, but think about it, if they could generate revenue for you give you page one rankings, you wouldn’t listening to this video. If its not already done, the odds are they cant deliver on it.
FOUR – Is search engine optimisation or internet marketing consultancy their full-time occupation?
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